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will shape two nations. i am shepard smith. the news starts now. american and afghanistan. for 8 years, u.s. forces have spilled blood on the dusty roads and frigid mountains in an effort to be to back those who would do less harm -- to beat back those who would do us harm. members of the military may weigh their own roles, in his plan may ultimately be judged by history itself, but tonight, we are learning new details about the plan -- and his plan may ultimately be judged by history itself. the role of international troops and the overall logistics of carrying out this mission, but still, questions remain about the costs, about the exit strategy, and about what defines victory. now, as we look for answers, we look to the president. and good evening again from west point, side of a historic fortress and military academy in new york state with roots that date back to the revolutionary war -- site of a historic fortress. this is the oldest continuously occupied military post in all of america. as you may know, west point is strategically located on the west bank of the hudson river outside
option. who might it help? i'm shepard smith and this is fox news. >> we've overcome a real problem that we had. shepard: so the not shepard: not everyone sees this plan as a solution. >> not every plan offered have to be approved by the government. shepard: new details and reaction from the republicans. why the government run option may still have a little life left in it. it certainly triggered some of the loudest arguments and the fiercest fights over health care. now we're learning new details of a compromise between liberal and moderate democrats, a compromise senate leaders could end the battle over government run health plan insurance, that's the public option that would compete with private insurance companies. the proposal senate democrats discussed last evening would eliminate the public option and instead call for private, nonprofit plans that the government would administer, the office of personnel management in charge. that's the same office that runs the health plan that covers members of congress. democrats are also talking about expanding medicare, allowing people to
case in july if she makes better preparations for the trip. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is the fox report hd. it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. they got his vote. he got a deal that will save his state millions upon millions of dollars. senator ben nelson of nebraska is the key vote for democrats on the senate version of the health care reform bill. he is the 60th senator to support the measure. making it impossible for republicans to block it in the meantime the bill gives nebraska benefits that will save people more than $100 million at the expense of the rest of us. now one of his colleagues in the senate is calling for an investigation. carl cameron is following this across the street from the capitol. karl? >> hi, trace. republicans call it vote buying and it really began a month ago when louisiana democrat mary landrieu got 300-million-dollar deal for her state on medicaid. nelson's deal is even more sweet than that. and today the majority leader harry reid cast it pretty much as just business as usual. >> i don't know if there is
, it could all come down to president obama. i'm shepard smith, the news starts now. the leader of the free world headed to the other side of the world to try to pull everyone together. >> we have now reached the critical juncture in these negotiations. shepard: but even if president obama can help make a deal on climate change, what will it actually cost? tonight, how they are putting on the price tag. plus the militants are watching us watching them. how enemy fires are plugging into our predator drones using off the shelf software. >> it's available and it's available to anyone. shepard: tonight, the new war of the machine. and, smoke under the water. why scientists say this is something no one has ever seen. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] first from fox tonight president obama headed to the climate change talks in copenhagen. he left the white house just a short time ago on the way to andrews air force base for the flight to denmark. reporters earlier questioned whether he had even bother going since there is no deal in sight. remember, world leaders have been aiming to
who are really sick. i'm shepard smith. fox news starts now. it could affect those who have illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, and asthma. tonight word the u.s. senate bill could let insurers set new yearly limits on how much they'll pay. we'll get to the truth about the coverage cap. plus, he says his wife vanished while he was off camping with their kids. >> we want her back and i love her and my boys love her. >> but police and neighbors have some questions. >> i really don't think she'd leave her children. obviously there's something there they need to investigate. shepard: tonight more from the husband. >> any help to try to find her would be appreciated. shepard: and new developments in the case of the missing mom. more on tiger woods moments away. but first the u.s. government deciding how much to pay is too much pay for second-tier executives for some of the companies that took taxpayers bailouts. the white house pay czar setting another pay cap for executives at the bank citigroup, the insurance giant a.i.g. and the automaker general motors plus its finance arm gmac.
'm shepard smith. the news starts now. president obama going over the final plan with his top generals. and reaching out to world leaders as he gets set to address the nation. tonight, inside the preparations for changing the face of this war. plus, investigators say an ex-con guns down four police officers in cold blood. >> the wrong place at the wrong time. shepard: and then he triggered a search at a major university. now developments in the case of the accused cop killer. including why he was walking free in the first place. and, the tiger woods mystery crash. what really happened in the middle of the night at the golfer's home and why was he dodging police questions? right now. we're 25 hours from president obama's address to the nation. tomorrow in a speech from the united states military academy at west point, the president is to explain his afghanistan strategy to the american people and now we're hearing more about what is he expected to say. on issues including how long forces will be there and how much this operation will cost. more on both of those points in just a moment.
. tonight, the new version from sea. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. this nation has been struggling under crushing unemployment. now, a white house summit to examine the problem. >> this is a struggle that cuts deep and it touches people across this nation. >> if you are not focused on creating jobs, you don't get it. shepard: tonight, inside the meeting. problem-solving or publicity stunt? fox news goes on the job hunt to help unemployed americans find a way forward. plus, she denies having an affair with golfer tiger woods. but her lawyer today abruptly canceled a news conference. so why the mystery if there is nothing to hide. and the american student at the center of an italian sex game murder trial. tonight, the main suspect makes an appeal. >> scared, obviously. she has been in jail for something she didn't do for two years. shepard: but are foxy knoxy's words enough to convince the court? first, from fox tonight, fox news son the job hunt. and so are a lot of folks in washington. today, the president welcomed officials, economists, executives and labor leaders to a forum at t
, the fox report's shepard smith on the biggest stories of 2009 still ahead. >> >> investigators in massachusetts looking into a string of suspicious fires, one of them deadly. we're told it all happened early this morning in a town of north hampton 30 minutes north of springfield. fire officials saying four homes and four vehicles were torched, all the blazes set, we're told, within a matter of a few hours. as a result a father and son died in one of those fires. right now, we're told argon investigators are treating this situation as a crime. the town's deputy fire chief also saying someone tried to start two other fires at a home and a car, but failed. road rage now being blamed for a parking lot shooting during the after christmas shopping rush at a mall. our top story as we take a fox trip across america. florida, cops in aventura responding to reports of a driver pointing a gun at another motorist. shots rang out. >> the spukt pointed a firearm at one of our officers at which point, round were exchanged. >> julie: the gunman in the hospital recovering from injuries. luckil
, the plan to put americans back to work. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. the proposal includes investments, incentives and help for small businesses. >> these targeted initiatives are right and needed. >> republicans say the plan has serious flaws. >> seems that the policy of this administration on job creation is if you have got it, spend it. shepard: tonight, where they are getting the money, how they are going to spend it, and how it could effect all of us. plus, the 911 call came from tiger woods house and medics responded. tonight, the newest trouble for the golf super star's family. first, from fox tonight, strong reaction today after president obama laid out his new proposal to help get the economy back on track and, most importantly, get more americans back to work. unemployment 10% now and in washington they are struggling to bring it down. today, president obama explained how he wants to tackle the problem details are few. new spending on highways and bridges. monday for people to make their homes more energy efficient. and, incentives for small businesses. like elimi
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and the road ahead in afghanistan. i am shepard smith and this is fox news. >> i support fully and without hesitation the president's decision. >> failure in afghanistan would mean a taliban takeover. what concerns me is the president's decision to sent -- to set an arbitrary date to withdraw troops from afghanistan. shepard: going straight to the heart of the strategy, plus, reaction. >> adding more troops over here would make a big difference. shepard: response from the taliban. first, we cannot afford to fail in afghanistan. that theme was repeated again today during hearings on president obama's plan to deploy tens of thousands more troops. some of his top officials testified before congressional panels in an effort to sell the strategy. the secretary of state hillary clinton, the defense secretary robert gates, and the joint chiefs chairman admiral mullen spoke to both democrats, who say troops should be leaving afghanistan, and republicans, who argue we must strengthen the commitment. >> rank the consequences of a failed state in afghanistan to our national security interest, being i
investigation. plus the fallout of yet another iran missile test. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: the iranians say the missile can fly fast and far, eventually reaching targets in israel. tonight the latest on iran's show of strength. plus, what we now know about president obama's letter to youngily. -- from jung-il. >> the best thing to do is skill the senate bill. shepard: howard dean says it's time for democrats to declare the senate bill dead. also, when some parking valets do after you hand over the keys. first from fox tonight, iran has done it again. tested a missile and sparked strong reaction tonight. and there's new word as the islamic republic flexes its muscles that america is planning to flex right back. first, you know iran test fired a missile, said to be the most advanced in its arrests signal. it's a sajjil-2 and reportedly can go 1,200 miles, putting israel and parts of europe within range. it's not just the distance causing concern, iran claims its missile is technologically superior to previous versions a
'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> i would be remiss if i did not acknowledge the considerable controversy. i'm responsible for the deployment of thousands of young americans to battle in a distant land. shepard: but that didn't quiet all the criticism. >> the war in itself is a farce. he hadn't accomplished anything when he got it. shepard: tonight, renewed controversy over the nobel prize and desperate rescues with dozens of lives on the line. >> you can't imagine how big the areas are that you have to look. shepard: tonight, saving the hunters stranded in the snow. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: first tonight, president obama preparing to head home very soon after a quick trip to norway to accept the nobel peace prides. for previous resip -- recipients the prize has stood for honor for services rendered. to be sure the crowd in osly showed plenty of support as the president accepted his prize. >> president barack obama to come forward and receive the gold medal and the diploma. [ applause ] shepard: there was another story looming large over this mom
what will the banks do for us? tonight, the president's plan. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. president obama meeting with top bankers and in and canning they do more to help the economy. >> when many of these institutions were on the verge of collapse, we took difficult and, frankly, unpopular steps to pull them back from the brink. >> he gave us some very strong outlines about things that he expects from us. today we realized we are under the microscope. shepard: today the bankers said they will start doing things -- plus, naked ambition. >> simply walking down the street naked isn't indecent. >> when a naked man is walking down by your seoul i would say. shepard: perfectly legal here. >> tonight, the battle over bearing it all. first tonight the banks helped create this problem and now they better find a solution. that the bottom line from president obama today after his sitdown with ceos from some of the nation's biggest banks. the financial institutions represented at today's meeting have accepted more than $186 billion in taxpayer money. some asked for the cash. the fed
, tonight, why the failed bomb plot investigation may complicate things. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. the news starts now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] jon: the president makes his first commence about the botched terror attack. >> the american people should be assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe and secure. jon: but some republicans are asking what took you so long? >> we're now 72 hours into this and since friday, -- jon: fox news is with the president in hawaii. plus, a hearing on the suspect's d.n.a. is cancelled and there is word is he a big fan of a radical imam linked to the fort hood massacre. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- jon: and now an offshoot of al qaeda is claiming responsibility of alfor the attack. revenge air strikes aimed at terrorists in yemen earlier this month. yemeny forces carried out those strikes with the help of u.s. intelligence. the second one happened the day before the botched bombing of flight 253 to detroit. fox news has now confirmed the suspect had be
evening from new york. i'm shepard smith. following developments tonight after an italian court has sentenced an american student, a -- amanda knox, to 26 years in an italian prison for murdering her roommate in a drug-fueled sex game. the jury also convicted knocks' italian ex-boyfriend, rafael salacatio and sentenced him to 25 years behind bars. amanda knox and an american exchange student from the university of washington, she had been living with the victim, meredith kercher, in the town of farujah 85 miles to the north of rome. prosecutors said on the night of november 1, 2007, amanda knox and another man were arguing with the roommate, kercher, at the kercher home that she and knox shared. the investigators said that argument ended with the defendant sexually assaulting kercher and then slitting her throat. police say the killers left kercher's half naked body sprawled out on the floor and prosecutors accused the defendants of faking a burglary to try to cover up the crime. investigators quickly arrested amanda knox and her boyfriend and a judge sentenced the third defendant t
create more jobs. trace: thank you, jonathan. now to the assignment desk. martha: shepard smith is with us. shepard: live on a prenuptial. martha: me, too. shepard: you should tell your husband to cheat on you and then maybe renegotiate. hand him a bill for $300 million -- have a nice day. martha: it is kind of sad that they are talking about this now. no one really knows what is going on but hopefully they are having a good, call it together, marriage moment for the kids. she is beautiful. what is going on? most of the kids look alike. [laughter] shepard: they are worth a billion dollars. in new jersey, you are only worth about half of that. trace: [inaudible] i will stay for $300. shepard: i find the legalese of all this pretty interesting. we are going to bring in judge andrew napolitano to talk about this. contract laws, and all that good stuff. we are going to talk about the tea party crashers -- no, not a party. what kind of party was it? martha: the state dinner. shepard: they did not show up at the hearing today. martha: they were invited but they do not want to come. sh
and limited commercial interruption, we have it for you in-depth. i'm shepard smith. the news starts deployment orders for war. shepard: the forces to come from marine corps bases and from army posts. and they will travel to the other side of the world to fight a war in a foreign land. >> we will not fail. you will make us proud. god bless you. >> shepard: tonight, new information about who is going first. and a possible change in tone from washington about when those troops could eventually start coming home. and now we know the first wave of reinforcement will be 16,000 strong. you will remember president obama announced last week that he was sending about 30,000 more troops into afghanistan. the third troop increase since he has been president. today, the pentagon confirmed the first to deploy will be 1500 marines from camp lejeune. they will ship out this month, we're told, which meshes with what we were told earlier that the first group of marines would be on the ground by christmas. thousands of more troops are to quickly follow those marines as part of an official wave. early
, the president will be announcing his strategy for the war in afghanistan. shepard smith is with us from west point. we will talk to him about the speech and the call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. trace: we have a brand new information for you on three top stories. voters in atlanta going to the polls. they could of the first white mayor since richard nixon was president. jonathan serrie is in atlanta. >> we are at one of those polling places right now where a steady stream of voters continues to come in. latest polls suggest that mary nor what is in a statistical dead heat with the georgia state senator kasim reed. despite the implications of this contest, both have tried to distance themselves from issues like race, and instead are focusing on issues like crime, taxes, and government accountability. trace: we have an update on the h1n1 vaccine. marianne silber is with us. >> the cdc is reporting 27 more children have died from h1n1, but states are reporting less cases. that brings the total number of
as a snowstorm barrels to the se? i am shepard smith. the news starts now. >> the majority know this bill is a causal legislative blunder. >> where is the republican comprehensive health-care reform bill? it does not exist. >> can they get it done before their own deadline? and a new jersey father kept apart from his boy. >> meinecky son and i should be able to be together. new developments in a custody case. shepard: first on fox tonight, president obama calls it an unprecedented breakthrough at the climate conference in copenhagen, where china and other countries have reached an agreement to the so-called greenhouse gases to control them, but it is a nonbinding agreement. nobody has to do anything really, and nobody will be in forcing anything, but still, president obama -- and nobody will be enforcing any thing. >> there will be a sense on the part of each country -- nobody will be enforcing anything. >> there will be a sense on the part of each country who knows who is doing what. shepard: country's doing something they have never done before. our chief white house correspondent -- co
for unknown reasons. shepard: i am shepard smith. it is the bottom of the hour, top of the news. suspicion of providing athletes with performance enhancing drugs. a doctor visited tiger's, as recently as march. he is taking a break from professional golf, and on monday, accentor became the first sponsor to back out completely with the contract. now, more questions about his life behind closed doors. no indication that he took anything illegal at all from this, right? >> none whatsoever. all he was given was platelet- rich blood therapy, a technique that could speed recovery from surgery. even having his name associated with that is the last thing he needs, giving corporate sponsors for further speculation. >> he looks forward to being vindicated. he has always engaged in unlawful practices and has never been involved in any improprieties. >> he is absolutely looking for to this case going forward and this chapter in his life going forward. the fbi told fox today that it is in its early stages because they want to see how canadian police investigations move along first. the next stage of th
wednesday, december 2, 2009. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your place tonight. we are back tomorrow for "studio b" and we are always online at foxnews.com/shep. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> i don't know how you can set a deadline for something you are going to do. bill: liberal commentators are hammering president obama over his address last night. a lot of it is nitpicking. here is what the president should have done. >> americans will not tolerate a loser. that is why americans have never lost and will never lose a war. bill: dick morris will analyze obama and afghanistan. >> i will wake up in my room or in hell. bill: dennis miller wants a piece of the action and he has thoughts on the white house party crashers. >> it is tiger. could you please take your name off your phone? my wife went through my phone and might be calling you. bill: tiger woods admits he damaged his image. how will this affect his career and his endorsements? w
. i'm greg jarrett in for shepard smith. the news starts now. greg: new questions about missed signals before the botched christmas bombing, what the feds knew about a nigerian and a terror plot. now, some airports making changes to beef up security and we are getting a look at the screening devices of the future. >> it is for the detection of liquid explosives. >> a mother's battle, they wants to be buried next to her only son who died in iraq, but there's a catch -- >> i don't want to wait until i pass away. greg: now, she's changing to the system for all families. the cia was onto the detroit terror suspect even before the attempted christmas day attack and that's what fox news is learning tone. on top of the al qaeda chatter, there was a file on the suspect himself. as we know, umar farouk abdulmutallab's father reported him to the u.s. embassy last month. could this information kept him off that plane? we have team coverage, steve centanni and peter barnes. katherine herridge. and the cia had a file on this man? >> the cia's africa desk was preparing a report on umar farouk abdulm
in baghdad. he had a shoe throw at him at a press conference in paris. shepard smith joins us. shepard: this is the spot that general washington called the strategically most important spot in the united states. tonight, the president. we have coverage across all of our platforms and on "the fox report" tonight. i will see you then. glenn: i want to talk to you hear a little bit about maurice clemmons. this guy, this killer, gunned down four police officers in washington cold-blooded. just blew them away. the saddest most tragic part of this story is that this guy should ebb and put away. he was sentenced to 60 years for several things, including he served 13 years of 60, 13, and then he was granting clemency from governor huckabee. he was paroled. the governor was acting within the system, and there were several layers at fault in this system, not just him, but he granted thousands of these based on mercy and compassion. i agree on mercy and compassion. we are living in a world but nothing but mercy and compassion. "he did not pass the test. please, let's pass him anyway." "please, th
at his side when he died this morning. i am shepard smith in new york. further coverage and a look back on "the fox report" 7:00 p.m. eastern. eastern.
. neil cavuto is certainly going to have a lot more on that coming up. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. that's it for "studio b." trace will be hosting "the "fox report" tonight at 7:00 eastern time. don't forget to log on to the
for shepard smith. eric: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> american people should be assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe and secure. eric: but, there are growing concerns over the obama administration's counter terrorism policies. are they putting us at risk by ignoring the warning signs? >> how does a person on the terrorism watch list get a u.s. visa? eric: we'll have a report. plus, two of the terrorists who may have been behind the attempted christmas day massacre were actually released from guantanamo bay. we'll tell you what we know. >> my husband had me with a knife and scared for my life and he threatened me. eric: and dramatic call for help from charlie sheen's wife. >> what's your husband's name. >> charlie sheen. >> will the domestic dispute send him to prison our is it legal team will enter a prediction. caution, you are to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- eric: hi, i'm eric bolling reporting fo
today. and that's "the fox report" for tuesday, december 22nd, 2009. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. the factor next. laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> health care reform is not a marry of if. health care reform is a matter of when. laura: maybe socialtion but will moderate democrats who were bribed by harry reid and company pay at the voting booth next year? we'll have analysis. >> what grade would you give yourself for this year? >> good. solid b plus. >> our barack will gave team own grades and it's hot hot hot. >> i'm holding out for health care. rock the vote any way you can. >> laura: pro-obama care group encourages young people who withhold sex from people who oppose health care reform. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- laura: bribes, politics and the phony health care reform deadline. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. christmas comes once a year but if this health care bill bec
: "studio b" with shepard smith, right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- shepard: the most famous athlete on earth, tiger woods says that he is dismayed at what tabloid journalism is really like. he has apologized for what he calls his transgression. but he did not admit to anything, instead he pushed back and demanded privacy .
today. and that's the fox report this christmas eve. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. merry christmas to all, to all a good night. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> welcome to a fox and friends christmas. all about family and friends, hope, forgiveness and miracles. >> and it's a holiday that means so much to each of us. and we have a very special audience to help us celebrate. >> we welcome with us right now the men and women who served the country from each of the five branches of the u.s. military. [applause] >> we have with us members of the army, the navy, the air force, mat reincorps, and of course the coast guard. so welcome and merry christmas. let's get right to the spirit of the season with some music. >> all right. are you ready, everybody? please welcome emmy and tony award winning singer christian chenoweth accompanied by violinist joshua bell. >> ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas just like the ones i used to know where the trees are glistening and children listening to hear sleigh bells in the snow i'm dreaming of a white christmas with ever
. there will be other stuff coming up. we will see what the top of the hour and again tonight. shepard smith, thank you. trace: thank you. a military briefing in colorado springs, top brass in attendance also at the table. guess who else is there? you might recognize him from his suit. martha: big news. a top-level military meeting just wrapping up. the u.s. air force command that keeps all of us say, including the big guy in the red suit, santa. his what has now started. norad is tracking santa claus. they will fly all around the world. that is one week from tonight, as you well know. felicia -- alicia is live in colorado. what were the highlights from this briefing for santa claus? >> one of the things that stood out for us was that we found out santa claus on christmas eve will be the number one priority in the sky according to the federal aviation administration. they had a high level giving the briefing to santa close on -- santa claus on what he should expect. if you are on a plane that night, expecting maybe have to wait a few minutes of santa claus needs to pass by with his sleigh and eight rai
. studio b with shepard smith right now. shepard: it has been the longest bitter battle over healthcare refox now it appears senate democrats have reached a compromise onto government-run insurance option known as the public option. the new plan reportedly would ditch the so-called public option, at least in name and at least for now. in its
rifing in gaz-guzzling limo and private jets? alisyn: and a murder suspect going up against shepard smiths. it's -- against sheriff deputies. it's all caught on camera. (announcer) time brings new wisdom new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly... ...one layer that lasts all day ...and no layers that irritate your stomach the way that ibuprofen can. it's tough on your body pain. not on your body. maybe one of the most important... alisyn: this is a fox news alert. according to a television station in orlando, florida, e.m.s. crews have reportedly responded to a medical call at tiger woods' home overnight. an adult female was taken from the home on, quote, advanced life support. according to the local station firefighters received a call at 2:36 a.m. a radio log showed an adult female was transported to health central hospital. footage obtained by wesh appears to show a blond woman on a stretcher being attended to by emergency services. orange county fire offi
scott in for shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home. we'll be back tomorrow, 12 pacific, 3:0 e
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